Postcards from Yosemite

One misty morning in Yosemite National Park, a brave fellow put on all the clothes he had in his backpack and stepped out from his warm cabin, armed with only his camera. The cold from the night had formed delicate frost on the leaves of trees, and the sun was still battling to make its warmth felt through the heavy foliage. But the brave fellow stamped his feet and rubbed his hands together to keep warm. A nature photographer was leading a group walk through the park to take pictures, and had promised to show them the best spots.

The brave fellow’s not-so-brave girlfriend took her Kindle and planted herself in a coffee shop. She sat right next to the heater, armed with a cup of coffee and a banana-almond muffin to accompany her book, which was getting to the interesting part. The not-so-brave girlfriend smiled tenderly as she watched the brave fellow walk into the mist but then was distracted by the yummy brown sugar topping on the muffin.

The brave fellow came back hours later, when the muffin and coffee were long gone, and complained about how he wanted a lazy morning too. But he didn’t feel so bad when he saw that most of the pictures he took look like postcards or desktop wallpapers.

Here are some of the best, uploaded without any more of my writing to distract you!

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