Acting like kids in Canyonlands, Utah

You know how sometimes a place can exhilarate you? By the sheer scale of it, or the geographical features, or the feeling of fresh air swirling around you? That’s what Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah did to us. When we got there, there was just something about it that put a bounce in our step and made us want to explore further.

Maybe it was the chance to walk along a rocky outcrop along the edge of a canyon.


Maybe it was the landscape which told its own wild and primitive story.


Maybe it was the chance to lie down on the edge of a cliff and peer down into the deepest canyons we’ve seen.


Maybe it was the beautiful landscape we wanted to take pictures of, and managed to cut out every time we posed for a selfie.


Maybe it was just the heat that got to us. You can’t really explain this pic otherwise.


Canyonlands definitely gave us some brilliant hikes and outdoor fun, but more importantly, a chance to act like kids in a playground.

2 thoughts on “Acting like kids in Canyonlands, Utah

  1. lovely!! and btw.. i have been looking for that bandana forever!!!! 🙂 🙂
    its the one with the little chicken on it?!

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