Whip out the fuzzy socks! It’s a rainy day!

Today we’re a little tired. It’s been over a month that we’ve been on our journey now, although it seems like a lot longer. We’ve covered over 3000 kilometres to get from the coast to the middle of the United States. And yesterday we did an 11-mile hike that we’re still recovering from. It took that low energy feeling, and a cold rainy day in Glenwood Springs to help us decide to stay in today and call it a day off.

We’re using the day off to do a few things that we’ve been planning to for a while now:

1. Laundry! We have a huge laundry bag that we’re constantly fishing in it to ‘wear that shirt one more time before it really NEEDS washing’. When your laundry bag is bigger than your backpack, honey, it’s time to do the laundry.

2. Blog stuff: We have a ton of videos and pictures that need sorting, editing and stitching. That’s our big project for the day.

3. Catching up on the Zzzzs: Some nights are better than others, and some nights are just plain uncomfortable. When it’s cold outside and your sleeping bag gapes at the neck to let in cold breeze, and the air is thin and damp, you don’t sleep too well. So today we’re going to enjoy the luxury of an afternoon nap without a drive or hike on the agenda.

4. Movie and popcorn date: Both of us love going to the movies. I love the whole show with caramel popcorn and cosily-settling-in-with-a-shawl, and A likes the big screen and the big sound, and we both enjoy immersing ourselves in the show. Today won’t be exactly the same, because we’re watching a movie on our laptop in a motel, but we’ll turn the heater on, wrap up, pop some caramel corn in the microwave, and lose ourselves in a movie for the night.

Saved these bad boys for a rainy day!

Saved these bad boys for a rainy day!

Sometimes a rainy day is just the excuse you need.




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