The Importance of Being Organized

The first lesson (of many many lessons) that long-term travel teaches you is that being organized is of supreme importance. We rented a Ford Escape for our time in the United States, and assumed that it’d be more than enough space for two people who travel fairly light. But we’re starting to look like those people who live out of their cars, with heaps of baggage piled up inside! It’s one thing to be spontaneous and bohemian and skip showers (yes, we do that sometimes! Don’t look at us like that – it’s freezing cold here!) but it’s gotten to the point that every time we open a door, we have plastic bags and shoes and apples falling out.


This is what we looked like on the first day, but we gave ourselves some leeway as we were novices.

Day 1 of camping

Day 1 of camping

Our first attempt at organizing our supplies made us hopeful of being those cool cat travellers who’d reach in and pull out just the equipment they needed. It all fits in the plastic bins we bought, and we’re stocked for three or four days.



After that, it’s been downhill all the way.

DSC_0008When we cook, we scurry to and from the car about ten times to get a knife or a bottle of spice, and while it’s all good exercise and what-not, it’s not so much fun in the cold. I found this picture online (thanks, and it’s inspired me.

Image from

Image from

While this is a little too disciplined for us, it’s a goal. And it’s my personal project right now: how to pack like a pro. More updates on that in the next two months. Unless we fail miserably and are too embarrassed to put pictures up!


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Organized

  1. Mish, Looks like the last photograph was of Meenatai’s trip across America !
    The fun part of what u r doing is to go as the spirit lists and not to get too pisst ! (about neatness around)

  2. then comes the roof rack…
    then comes the u-haul trailer…
    then comes the second car…
    then comes the 18-wheeler…
    and there’s the loud arguments at the airport check-in about how being 50 pounds overweight doesn’t really apply to you if you unpack and wear every item of clothing you own…

    happy belated birthday dude 🙂

  3. Amit…the missing roof carrier on the way to Belgaum for Meena’s wedding comes to mind 🙂
    Hopefully you will appreciate some of my planning obsessions from my travel with British Airways days..
    See you soon dear bro… all our love xx

  4. Hi Amitmama and Mishana ,
    I enjoyed the blog.Amitmama is not very neat JUST like me!!!
    The birthday food from 7eleven is different from my birthday
    Some of the photos are CRAZY 
    On my birthday you can cut my cake at the party .BUT don’t touch the bottom please.
    The reason is I kiss the nearest boy
    Is camping scary?????????????????
    LOVE Tara
    Ps. Who is killing the spiders?

    • Hi Tara,

      I am really sorry for not replying sooner. Our travel has been really hectic. And we have not had an internet connection everywhere.

      My birthday food from 7Eleven was not very exciting, you are right. I am really looking forward to the food at your birthday. Thanks for letting me cut the cake. I will make sure not to cut the bottom.

      Camping is not at all scary. It is a lot of fun and very exciting. If your dad says ok, maybe we can do some camping when Mishana and I are in Australia later this year. Mishana will be update more pictures on the blog of us camping. So watch out for those.

      Lots of love,

      Amit mama.

      PS. Mostly we just catch the spiders and let them out of the tent…!!

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