An irregular kind of regular

It’s been twelve days since we left home, and we’re just starting to get used to living out of our bags. There have been some minor teething problems and some major adjustments to be made. Here’s our list so far:


Delicious American coffee: We’re drinking coffee even at gas stations

Catching a Broadway show, finally. It was ‘Phantom of the Opera’, and it was SPECTACULAR

South Street in Philadelphia: An eclectic mix of hiphop-inspired fashion, cheesesteak cafes, vibrant wall murals and mosaics, busy businessmen and sleepy druggies

Central Park in New York: We went in for some fresh air and left four hours later, lungs full of fresh air

Getting to experiment with the GoPro


Not waking up in your own bed every morning

Tea that isn’t custom-made to our tastes

One sleepless night in an AirBnB apartment in Harlem – police sirens and mysterious creakings in the building don’t exactly soothe you to sleep

Unpacking evverrrryythhiinngg to get to that one travel adaptor

Realizing we brought the wrong travel adaptor

Our days right now consist of mostly exploring the places we’re in, planning our route and getting our supplies in order. Interspersed with multiple coffee breaks. Living out of our bags is proving easier than we thought, but we’ve not even started camping yet. I’m sure that’s when the fun will begin!