The last few days of familiar

The countdown has begun in earnest now. It’s only five days to go before we give up all that we love and all that gives us comfort, say bye-for-now to our families and friends, and set off into the wide world with just a backpack and a carry-on bag each.

It’s unbearably scary.

When we say "We're absolutely buried under last minute packing", this is what we mean!

When we say, “We’re absolutely buried with last minute packing”, this is what we mean!

I’m the kinda girl who likes the familiar so much that the first thing I do when I check into a new hotel is to unpack my toothbrush and hairbrush and place them squarely on the basin to ‘make the room mine’. When I move into a new place, I put up photographs of my family first so I feel surrounded by them.

But right now, all our worldly treasures are going into boxes and bags. Our apartment looks like its been ravaged by a tornado, with clothes and books and paintings and photo frames lying everywhere, waiting to be packed up for the next six months.

It’s the most exciting time.

We’re feeling more alive than ever before. All our conversations revolve around the next six months and our plans for making the most of them. The house is beginning to look a little bare on the walls and shelves, and it takes us back to five years ago, when we moved in and started putting it together one piece at a time.

Five days and one hundred things to do. But the big question still remains: Where do I put my toothbrush now?